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The Role of Sorghum bicolor Supplement Jobelyn in NK Cells Activation.

Updated: Aug 5

Sorghum bicolor supplement Jobelyn has gained attention for its potential role in cancer immunosurveillance. Natural compounds derived from West African Sorghum bicolor leaf sheaths, found in Jobelyn, have shown promise in enhancing the activity of natural killer (NK) cells, which play a crucial role in cancer immunosurveillance.

Overview of Sorghum bicolor and Jobelyn:

Sorghum bicolor, commonly known as sorghum, is a crop widely cultivated in West Africa. It has been traditionally used in African medicine for its various health benefits. Jobelyn is a supplement derived from Sorghum bicolor leaf sheaths, which contain a rich array of bioactive compounds.

Potential Anti-inflammatory and Immune-modulating Properties:

A study done at NIS LAB unveiled the capability of Sorghum bicolor supplement for activating the Natural Killer Cells. It explored the anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties of Sorghum bicolor leaf sheaths. Both aqueous and nonaqueous compounds present in the leaf sheaths contribute to the observed effects. These findings suggest that Sorghum bicolor may have potential in modulating immune responses and reducing inflammation.

Role of Jobelyn in Cancer Immunosurveillance:

A follow-up study done by a team of scientists from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, University of Ibadan and Lagos State University highlights the potential of newly isolated compounds from Sorghum bicolor leaf sheaths, found in Jobelyn, in cancer immunosurveillance.

NK cells are critical components of the immune system that can recognize and eliminate cancer cells. Jobelyn has shown promise in enhancing the activity of NK cells, thereby enhancing their ability to detect and destroy cancer cells.

This suggests that Jobelyn may have potential applications in cancer treatment and immunotherapy.

Mechanisms of Action:

The specific mechanisms by which Jobelyn enhances NK cell activity are not fully understood. However, it is believed that the bioactive compounds present in Jobelyn may modulate the expression of activating receptors on NK cells, leading to increased cytotoxicity against cancer cells.

Further research is needed to elucidate the precise mechanisms involved.

Potential Applications and Future Research:

The potential applications of Jobelyn in cancer treatment and immunotherapy are promising. By enhancing NK cell activity, Jobelyn may contribute to improved cancer immunosurveillance and potentially enhance the effectiveness of existing cancer therapies.

However, further research is needed to validate these findings and explore the clinical implications of Jobelyn supplementation in cancer patients.


Sorghum bicolor supplement Jobelyn, derived from West African Sorghum bicolor leaf sheaths, shows promise in enhancing NK cell activity and potentially improving cancer immunosurveillance.

The National Cancer Institute's recognition of NK cells in its definition of Sorghum bicolor supplement Jobelyn further solidifies the importance of NK cells in the context of this supplement. The anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties of Sorghum bicolor leaf sheaths, combined with the newly isolated compounds found in Jobelyn, suggest its potential applications in cancer treatment and immunotherapy.

Continued research in this field is essential to fully understand the effects of Jobelyn on NK cells and to explore its clinical implications.

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