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Role of herbal medicine in infertility treatment The Managing Director of Health Forever Product Limited, Ikeja, Lagos, Otunba Olajuwon Okubena, answers the question. I am fertility challenged. I need a referral to a traditional healer worth his onion because my experience is basically hormonal imbalance and infection. Grace Idris, 27-year-old typist, Kogi. Readers of my Health Page may recall that several years ago, I wrote about the importance of infertility in the stability of marriage in this part of the world. I will reproduce part of the article and update it as the problems currently seem to be assuming a disturbing dimension. Mrs. Aduke Collins (not real name) was visibly worried when narrating her story to me in my office. Her marriage seven years ago was opposed by her mother-in-law on account of hailing from the South-western part of the country whereas her husband is from the other side of the Niger River. In her words: “I was hoping that the arrival of a baby would change the attitude of my parents-in-law but that was not to be. As the years rolled by without the sign of pregnancy, the pressure continued to mount. My husband was very co-operative and we moved round almost all the known gyneacologists in Lagos area. “Simultaneously, we joined a couple of the Pentecostal churches available to tackle the problem from the spiritual angle and for years, we were hoping against hope. At one stage, we were tempted to visit native herbalists, a friend introduced me to the IVF solution and my husband did not hesitate to make available the huge amount of money demanded for this exercise but it was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back. My husband has now started listening to his mother and I suspect a new wife from the village is being arranged for him.” She started weeping profusely and it was difficult to console her. I allowed her to exhaust her emotional expression and gave her an appointment to visit me with her husband. I suggested that they bring along the results of all laboratory tests done in the last few years. On the appointed date, she came but was unaccompanied by the husband. Fortunately, she brought a load of laboratory reports which showed that she was having irregular menstrual flow, blocked fallopian tube and moderate infection of staphylococcus, while the husband had weak erection, premature ejaculation, and low sperm count. On further interrogation, it was revealed that the husband was almost losing interest in sexual activities on the excuse of pressure of work, stress of traffic jams and so on. Infertility is the inability of a couple to conceive after one year of unprotected sex. A third of the reasons is due to a male factor, another, female factor while the remaining cases are due to “unexplainable factors”. For most couples, there will be several diagnoses of various conditions over time, treatments that do not improve the condition, not to mention the emotional and financial stress of simply moving from one solution to another. During this extremely difficult period, it is important not to lose focus while wading through all the available treatments on offer. In a recent article published in the USA NEWS titled: “Drug-Resistant Staphylococcus a widespread threat- dangerous infections occurring more often than previously believed”, study finds that “potentially deadly, drug-resistant Staphylococcus infections are more common, both in and out of hospitals, than experts once thought”. “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections are the top causes of skin and soft tissue infections among people in hospitals, and can result in severe and even fatal disease. In fact, MRSA infection account for almost 19, 000 deaths and more than 94,000 life-threatening illnesses each year in the United States.” If the US could raise the alarm about this infection, it is better imagined how every Nigerian walks into the pharmacy shops to buy antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription. We are much aware that a large percentage of infertility in this country is caused by the MRSA and over the years, we have developed a therapy that has succeeded in many cases. Some years ago, I had an encounter with Mr. Femi Kusa who was then the Editor-in-Chief of the rested The Comet Newspaper; he decided to do what he termed a kitchen experiment with the new product we discovered. The result of his experiment was published in The Comet Newspaper sometime in 2001 under the title “Bye bye to staphylococcus, the unconquerable”. [embeddoc url=””]

This was at a time when Health Forever Products Limited was developing the product called BENABIOTIC which was later packaged for sale and have since been used by Health Forever Clinic to reverse several cases of infertility. In the opening paragraphs of the article, Mr. Kusa stated that: “Believe me, this is not a joke! A herbal remedy may be on the way which, in only one month, could rid the body of all the colonies stacked up by staphylococcus over several years to inflict all those unbearable aches and remedy in all seriousness. Perhaps prematurely, to help open a health gate, but careful not to be a harbinger of false hope for all those hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in this country who live under the siege of staphylococcus. This Editor worked me up into lifting this veil, I must confess, when he asked me once or twice last month what staphylococcus was all about, he had received letters from some readers making enquiries and had even published one or two of them. To be frank, I am aware staphylococcus defies several pharmaceutical remedies, except perhaps vancomycin. Even then, only rarely is vancomycin the staphylococcus waterloo. It walks away majestically free from all traps, causing destabilising internal heat, which may be confused with the hot flashes of menopausal hormonal imbalances; literally, it lives on the sperms in men, subjecting them to not only low sperm count, but taking away their libido as well and creating erectile dysfunction problems for them. For women, the monthly cycle is disarranged, if not disparaged, and they itch severely in the secret place. For men, occasional physical reminder that they still live with staph, as staphylococcus is also called, could be pinching inside the tip of their organs. Many sufferers speak of feeling of “something walking up and down” in their bodies. This may very well be effects on internal tissue of the protein toxins secreted by these bacteria, against which the body fails to produce effective antibodies. The body would have been partly incapacitated by a weakened immune system, creating gaps in its defenses which the bacteria exploited to start with. And to worsen the situation, staphylococcus secretes enzymes which depopulate the fighter white blood cells.” An important issue raised by Mr. Kusa in his article was the impact of staphylococcus attack on the immune system. Many medical doctors have been prescribing Vitamin E which describes a family of eight antioxidants and one of these; alpha-tocopherol is the form that is actively maintained in the body. Vitamin E maintains the integrity of cell membranes in the body by neutralising free oxygen radicals which would otherwise disrupt this function leading to several diseases in the body. High concentrations of free radicals have been identified in a significant number of infertile men especially in cases where the cause is thought to be unexplained. Several studies have also established that the presence of these toxins affects the quality of the sperm in terms of its count, morphology and motility. This is the reason why vitamin E, an antioxidant, has long been prescribed because of its ability to neutralise these free radicals. However, Jobelyn has a clear advantage because it has been shown scientifically to have a significantly higher antioxidant capacity (3,123 using the ORAC value) than vitamin E. Free radicals have been implicated in conditions like endometriosis, polycystic ovarian disease, tubal factor infertility and unexplained infertility. The emphasis here is not to use Jobelyn to treat each condition in order to achieve a cure, but to re-balance the body by neutralising the free radicals that cause these conditions. This is because pregnancy is still often times achieved in the presence of these conditions. Staphylococcus and other bacteria infections Over the years, we have succeeded in treating infertility caused by different types of bacteria infection with our branded herbal product called Benabiotic which is usually combined with Jobelyn. The main ingredient in Benabiotic is from a plant Anthocleista djalonensis (Loganiaceae) (Yoruba Name – Sapo). The combination of this remedy with Jobelyn has eliminated Staphylococcus infection from patients within a period of three to five months. Anthocleista djalonensis (Loganiaceae) Yoruba Name- Sapo Hormonal Imbalance in female infertility Recently, hormonal disturbances have been considered of great importance in the knowledge of causes and diagnosis of female infertility. What exactly does hormonal balance mean for our fertility health? What do hormones do anyway? Does hormonal balance really matter? Absolutely! If our hormone levels are not balanced, our health will suffer. We cannot live without hormones. Hormones deliver messages. Our cells are genetically programmed to only receive and respond to messages from certain hormones. Each cell in the body contains hormone receptor cites. Once a hormone fits into a cell’s receptor, it gives the cell instructions. This is similar to a key fitting in a lock. Hormones control our bodily processes. Hormones are coordinated by the endocrine system. Without proper endocrine function, our bodies cannot maintain proper hormonal balance. Hormone levels can be influenced by stress, fluid changes in the body, vitamin and mineral levels, infection, exposure to environmental toxins and the amount of body fat we have. Each endocrine gland plays a specific role in the ability of our body to maintain proper function. Each endocrine gland also communicates with the other in an amazing design. If one of the endocrine glands is not functioning properly, it may cause a broken link in communication with other endocrine glands or actions of the body, which may greatly impair fertility. Because the endocrine glands secrete hormones, and the hormones are messengers for actions within the body, if the gland is not functioning properly, hormonal imbalance occurs and the ability to reproduce may be impaired. In our clinic, we have researched into the folk medicine that is being used to take care of hormonal imbalance. The main herbal ingredient is a part of a plant called Morinda Lucida ( Yoruba name is ORUWO). We have used this herbal product to normalise hormonal imbalance which affects women in general. The remedy is a major component of our fibroid treatment. It shrinks the fibroid tumor thus improving the chances of pregnancy for infertile women. It assists in the treatment of ovarian cysts and also helps in breast cancer that has the implication of excessive estrogen. So also, it helps in resolving the problems associated with goiter. Morinda Lucida ( Yoruba Name – Oruwo) Couples intending to achieve pregnancy ought to maximise their chance by meticulously preparing their bodies. Ensuring good nutrition, avoiding alcohol and smoking, preventing sexually transmitted diseases are some basic ways of maximising fertility. However, this must be supplemented by simply ensuring that the reproductive system is working at its best by fortifying the body with natural substances such as antioxidants that rid the body of toxins that have been implicated in most of the causes of infertility. Jobelyn occupies a unique and remarkable position in the world of the combination of food and medicine. Laboratory analysis from the reputable GMP Laboratory of USA confirmed that Jobelyn contains Carbohydrates, Protein, Dietary Fibre, Iron which could be classified as food. In addition, it contains other nutrients which could be classified as medicine/food/amino acids and these include selenium, manganese, potassium, zinc, calcium, vitamins like A, B12, C, Omegas 3, 6 and 9, calcium and more. It is a well-known fact that doctors now prescribe multivitamins in addition to drugs. Jobelyn is rich in vitamins and other essential fatty acids and amino acids which are by far superior to the synthetic ones in the market and this is a compelling reason why doctors should prescribe it. URL: Email: WhatsApp : +234 807 851 6953 **Always check with your primary health care provider before adding these or any dietary supplements to your personal health regimen. HOW TO GET RID OF STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS 1. The diagnosis of Staphylococcus aureus should cd out by a good laboratory. 2 SUGGESTED MEDICATION: 3 Capsules of JOBELYN twice daily should combined with Benabiotic  ( 20ml twice daily) for 3 to 6 months.

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